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More than 90% of my new clients are direct referrals from existing ones. People say such strength in numbers from one passionate professional speaks volumes.

"Jen has helped me to grow my business by 56% in our first year working together – but it's more than just numbers...she's there every step of the way. I highly recommend Jen."

Paula Pyne, Uplift Consulting

"Jennifer helped me set up a great business here. She is well connected and highly thought of in Europe."

Theo Sijs, Colorworks
The Netherlands

"I felt the value of working with Jennifer right from our initial consultation where she made one suggestion that saved me thousands of dollars."

Elsbeth Vaino, Custom Strength

"After seeing her coach 40 of our franchisees across North America, we loved her style and energy and chose her to coach and motivate our top franchisees around the world and open our European office."

Mike Cassidy, Stained Glass Overlay

"We've worked together on projects all over the world. She is bright, tough minded and able to work her way through new challenges of all types. In our first partnership, she recruited 65 franchises up and down the West Coast and I've hired her several times since."

Tom Wood, Certa Pro Painters

"With Jen's help we expanded into 4 new cities and grew the overall business by 230%."

Nicki Bridgland, Ottawa Sport & Social Club

"Jennifer's strongest skill is her ability to motivate. She sees what it takes to achieve your dreams and walks you to that point. I now work less hours and make more money."

Karin Weller, Nuevos Vitrales

"Jennifer is able to offer incredible levels of perspective. She can see all sides of an issue or opportunity. She knows how to choose the right path for your organization and the individuals impacted..."

Rachael Gray, Gray Partnership

"She hired 7 sales reps for us in Canada and the USA; Jennifer was wonderful to work with from start to finish...the process was very organized with clear objectives, goals and timeframes."

Mark Farrell, The Futura Loyalty Group

"I have worked with Jen for close to 10 years; she knows my business inside out, helps me stay focused on growth and development, and is always there with new ideas."

Tarik Mernissi, Stained Glass Overlay

"Jen is an inspiration and a true motivator. She comes up with good business ideas from the time she wakes up in the morning until well into the night."

Noel Zerafa, Stained Glass Overlay